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Hyperallergic Magazine Features My Studio in their "A View From The Easel" Series

I'm thrilled that Hyperallergic Magazine, which provides "a forum for serious, playful, and radical thinking about art in the world today" selected my studio for its feature series: "A View From The Studio." Here is the text of the article, with a link to the published version.

Camille Kouyoumdjian Art Studio
My Studio in Winter

In the heart of my creative sanctuary lies my art studio, a space where imagination takes flight and the canvas becomes a portal to my inner world. The studio, bathed in the soft hues of natural light, offers a panoramic view of my garden through the seasons. As I immerse myself in the artistic process, the floor-to-ceiling windows serve as living frames, capturing the ever-changing dance of seasons and the vibrant symphony of nature.

The connection to my garden is profound, as it breathes life into my artistic endeavors. From the lush and messy butterfly garden to the carefully arranged vegetable beds, a living tableau evolves with each passing day.

In winter, the “bones” of the garden lend structure to my compositions. The windows act as a seamless bridge between my studio and the outside world, allowing the rhythms of nature to seep into each new painting.

The play of light transforms the studio throughout the day. Morning rays illuminate the space with a gentle warmth, casting long shadows that morph into dynamic shapes. Afternoons bring a cascade of sunlight, dappling the studio floor with a mosaic of golden hues. As the day bids adieu, the twilight filters through, painting the room in a soft, contemplative glow.

cat looking at painting
An art critic providing feedback on my work.

This ever-changing interplay of light and nature serves as a catalyst for my creativity, compelling me to adapt and evolve with the shifting ambiance. The windows, like timekeepers, prompt me to alter my perspective, embracing the ephemerality of both art and life. In this harmonious dance between my studio, the garden, and the ever-changing light, my artistic journey unfolds, a testament to the beauty that lies at the intersection of creativity and the natural world.

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