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Encaustic and Oil and Cold Wax Medium

Oil and Cold Wax Medium​

Cold Wax serves as a lush medium for oil painting, crafted from a blend of beeswax, a touch of solvent, and resin to create a smooth, creamy paste. This mixture is then combined with oil paint on the palette. Incorporating Cold Wax enriches the paint, imparting body, transparency, and a sense of depth to the artwork.


Encaustic is mix of melted beeswax and oil pigments. Collage and photography, as well as natural materials, are frequently adhered to the wax. Each layer must be fused with heat. The effect is ethereal and organic. If you are interested in purchasing these little gems, please reach out to Camille at

Oil and Cold Wax Paintings

Encaustic Paintings

Media Profiles and Awards

I'm delighted to share my story through media outlets and internationally recognized publications. In 2023, I was profiled by Artsy Shark, Artistonish, The Capitol Hill Art League, and It's Liquid. Click on the images below to read the stories and learn more about these prestigious commendations.


Scroll down to view my Instagram feed, where I frequently post videos showing my work in progress. Follow me to learn more! 

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