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  • Wild Horizon Fine Art by Camille Kouyoumdjian

    Portfolio My objective is to inspire a sense of wonder and respect for the natural world. By creating mixed media paintings that depict delicate ecosystems, I bring awareness to the beauty and fragility of our shared environment. My artwork promotes introspection and contemplation on our connection with nature, empowering each viewer to create their own unique story. By fostering these significant relationships, my paintings serve as a conduit to seamlessly bridge indoor and outdoor spaces. Mail Exhibitions View a list of venues showing work IRL. Wild Inspiration A Collection of Abstract Impressionist Landscapes Collage and Mixed Media A collection of paintings created from upcycled, handprinted papers Oil And Cold Wax Encaustic A collection of paintings created from the ancient art of beeswax mixed with oil-based pigments. Figures The human form offers endless inspiration. View paintings that depict our unique relationship with the world. Flora Who can resist blooms, boughs, botanicals, and birds? Small Paintings Good things come in small packages! View landscapes, botanicals, and collage work that is 9 x 12 or smaller. National Parks Preservation lands come to life in this collection that pays tribute to our nation's beauty.

  • Forum | Camille Kouyoumdjian

    Pour voir cela fonctionner, rendez-vous sur votre site en ligne. Tous les posts Catégories Mes posts Earth Awakened Exhibit Forum Together we can make a difference! Please share your impressions, hopes for our planet, and concerns about the climate. Trier par : Activité récente Suivre toutes les catégories Create New Post Camille Kouyoumdjian Welcome to the Forum dans General Discussion Share your thoughts. Feel free to add GIFs, videos, hashtags and more to your posts and comments. Get started by commenting below. 0 commentaire 0 10h J'aime 0 commentaire Commenter Camille Kouyoumdjian Forum rules dans General Discussion We want everyone to get the most out of this community, so we ask that you please read and follow these guidelines: • Respect each other • Keep posts relevant to the forum topic • No spamming 0 commentaire 0 10h J'aime 0 commentaire Commenter Camille Kouyoumdjian Introduce yourself dans General Discussion We'd love to get to know you better. Take a moment to say hi to the community in the comments. 0 commentaire 0 10h J'aime 0 commentaire Commenter Forum - Frameless

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Media Profiles and Awards

I'm delighted to share my story through media outlets and internationally recognized publications. In 2023, I was profiled by Artsy Shark, Artistonish, The Capitol Hill Art League, and It's Liquid. Click on the images below to read the stories and learn more about these prestigious commendations.


Scroll down to view my Instagram feed, where I frequently post videos showing my work in progress. Follow me to learn more! 

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